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Short List of God's Long Qualities

I like lists. I'm not a "Dear Journal..." type person because hand-written diary entries take way too long. But I like lists because I can quickly record many thoughts with few words. While I was reading today, a list formed. David's love song to God contains so many colorful descriptions! Here's a list of qualities of God from 1 Chronicles 16. (And because lists are even better when organized, these qualities are grouped by likeness). everlasting faithful committed enduring loving welcoming joyful joyous good honorable holy just worthy (of praise) worthy (of reverence) deserving (of worship) majestic splendid glorious miraculous strong personal--and for this last one, a list within a list--Ways God demonstrates his personal interactions with us. God acts as: Father Creator King Ruler Protector Giver Receiver Doer Speaker Warner Maker of covenants Keeper of covenants Savior Judge Rescuer and Redeemer! I love how God giv

New Year's Restarts

I don't do the typical New Year's Resolutions, mostly because that term brings to mind a style of writing a list of desired achievements, usually varied, lengthy, and lofty, and typically without a workable plan to accomplish the tasks. But I do like to plan, evaluate, tweak, trash, restart. Here are 3 restarts for my 2015: 1. Morning Prayer and Make-up I set up my prayer focus on the wall. I wanted/needed it visible. I posted our wedding vows in this fun collage and pray over our promises to each other. Using Ikea frames with plastic fronts and dry erase markers, I actually write down requests of friends that they share on facebook, email etc. I've blurred the contents of the picture to protect privacy. Also on the picture is lists of neighbors, co-workers, kids of friends, friends of friends whose names I would never remember unless they were in front of me. Behind the dry erase surface is a map of my city--I pray over it generally--that God's love and light