Short List of God's Long Qualities

I like lists. I'm not a "Dear Journal..." type person because hand-written diary entries take way too long. But I like lists because I can quickly record many thoughts with few words.

While I was reading today, a list formed. David's love song to God contains so many colorful descriptions! Here's a list of qualities of God from 1 Chronicles 16.
(And because lists are even better when organized, these qualities are grouped by likeness).
  • everlasting
  • faithful
  • committed
  • enduring
  • loving
  • welcoming
  • joyful
  • joyous
  • good
  • honorable
  • holy
  • just
  • worthy (of praise)
  • worthy (of reverence)
  • deserving (of worship)
  • majestic
  • splendid
  • glorious
  • miraculous
  • strong
  • personal--and for this last one, a list within a list--Ways God demonstrates his personal interactions with us. God acts as:
    • Father
    • Creator
    • King
    • Ruler
    • Protector
    • Giver
    • Receiver
    • Doer
    • Speaker
    • Warner
    • Maker of covenants
    • Keeper of covenants
    • Savior
    • Judge
    • Rescuer
    • and Redeemer!
I love how God gives us so many words that we can't possibly get the wrong idea about His character! And these are merely the words in one chapter! Praise God who pursues us and allows Himself to be known!

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