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7 Day Winter Wardrobe in Rome

After following my 7 Universal Tips for Packing in Winter, here's how my outfits panned out for my 7 days in Rome! I was there to take a seminary course, but the week allowed for a little time away from studies for sight-seeing and fun dinners out with friends. Hubby kept the kids at home for the whole 7 days! And as usual, my fashion disclaimer: I do not idolize clothes, nor what people think of me wearing them. I do enjoy clothes, and all things of beauty--colors, textures, etc. Putting together outfits is a creative expression for me, and I feel like challenging myself to keeping the creative pieces to a minimum is a good way to steward my resources. See the post for how I chose my layers. 
Day 1. Layering allowed me to forgo my bulky coat on this chilly yet sunshine day. This striped sweater is actually a tunic that I turned under to create a different look.
Day 1, evening. For a night out I removed the striped sweater and added this infinity scarf and lipstick.
As the weather changed this day, so did the phases of this outfit. I layered the striped sweater (worn as a tunic this day) over the chambray button down. When the rain came, I changed to boots and added the scarf. Note: it's not ideal to take pictures outside in the pouring rain, hence, several of these are posed in front of the mirror while my roommate said, "Oh no, now you're THAT person." ;)

A beautiful day of sight-seeing!

Glad I brought my fleece though--I was warm enough to enjoy this gelato! ;)
Here's a closer view of the sight-seeing outfit, and then the same shirt on 2 different occasions--breakfast in the hotel and a day of class and dinner out.

Subtle differences, but I kept adding/removing layers as needed.

This is probably my favorite. I love the dichotomy of the lace skirt and bandana-like scarf, and the color combo of chambray, brown, and hot pink. This was fun to wear!

Lastly, the travel days--I wore my bulkiest items on my travel that way I had plenty of room in my suitcase. And after packing back up on the last day, I swapped the comfy tennies for my black boots.

This is my style, but I've put together 7 Universal Tips for Selecting Your Winter Travel Wardrobe if you'd like a little guidance in creating your own! :)

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