Style Saturday: 1992 Hair

Is it just me, or lately do so many store fronts look like Kelly Kapowski's closet?

I'm not opening my arms to all of these fashion reruns, but I was pretty excited to buy my girls these scrunchies!

Scrunchies are back!
And also for the return of alligator clips! I guess they never truly left, but they were reduced to mere functionality. Now they are offered in fun colors, patterns, and as a way to style the hair, not just pull it off the face.
High waist skorts, shirt tied at the waist, leopard print alligator clip in my hair = Flashback to my tweens.

I chilled to this 1992 play list to indulge in my nostalgia. ;)

Is there a 90's fashion trend that you'd love to repeat? Or one that you just will NOT?

For me, the latter is overalls. Not goin' back.

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