Style Saturday: Effortless Chic

Our team gathered for breakfast on the last morning of a long weekend conference. We all dressed comfortably for travel, and when my pal Erica walked in, I though how super cute she looked in her Bruce Springsteen T and pony tail!

A t-shirt and jeans is always effortless, but sometimes when I wear it, I feel sloppy.

Here's what I loved about Erica's look which compelled me stop and tell her that she looked "effortless chic:"

She ditched the tennis shoes for cute mid-rise boots. 

She wore her pony high. Not sloppy, but intentionally casual.

Instead of a zip hoodie, she added an army jacket."

I love her look because it carries the sentiment, "I'm comfortable, but I still respect the day enough to look put together."

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