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Style Saturday: Don't buy it unless you love it!

"Buy less, choose well." ~Vivienne Westwood

Kylee, a sweetheart college student who's in Italy for the summer, asked me to be her personal shopper for the day. Sign me up!

I took her to my favorite boutique, which displays 5-10-15-20 on the door. (Those numbers are the prices!) Usually when shopping, I find so many things I'd like to buy that it's hard to leave it all behind..

Today, we didn't have that struggle. 

Kylee wanted a maxi summer dress. She tried on several, and while they were cute prints, and looked good on the hangers, they just didn't fit quite right.

Boutique owner tried to adjust Kylee's dress so that she'll like the fit better.
We hit two other larger stores, and they were also a miss. Before leaving, we decided to browse.

Kylee found this cute tie tank that she loved and paid 3 bucks for it!
Both of us tried on several things, and put them back on the rack.

Kylee said, "I like to ask myself before I buy, 'Can I wear this with two other things I already own?'"

I found a cute top for a reasonable price. Kylee asked me her wise-before-you-buy question. I said, "Yeah I can wear it with two things, but I don't love it." I put it back.

We chatted how in the past, we both had purchased things that we didn't really need and didn't really love just because we liked them at the moment, or just because we felt like buying something.

And how later, they sat in our closets unworn.

I've been committed to a minimalist wardrobe for the last few years and have found it so enjoyable that it was easy for me to say no today to things that didn't fit my current wardrobe or that would simply be excess. This was not true of me a decade ago!

Even though the stores were a miss, we went to lunch and enjoyed the day! We shared stories of what Jesus had done in our lives, and how God brought us to Bologna. So much more satisfying than shopping!
We capped off lunch with a colorful dessert!

There are so many popular articles on minimalism right now, I don't need to take the time to write them again, but if you're interested in reducing excess, you can google any of these titles below.

Popular articles on reducing excess.
I hope your Saturday is filled with colorful food and good conversation!

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