To All My Friends Selling Products on Social Media

Dear Friends Selling Products on Social Media,

Some of the things you offer me I love to look at, some of them I have no interest in. Either way, I rarely purchase your goods because I'm a Target clearance rack kinda girl. But here is one thing I can give you: my encouragement. 

If we are connected on social media it is because our paths have crossed at some point in life. Some of you are lifelong steadies, some of you I have barely met. Either way, our lives have intersected, and one of the greatest joys of this world is getting to know the people in it! I like that we can share glimpses of our days.

Part of your day, like mine, is earning a living. When you include me in your product parties, I see this as an opportunity to learn about your living. 

Your nails, make-up, tote-bags, herbal supplements, and the like are something that you value. I want to know why you value them because I value YOU.

And because of that I'll continue to be your friend/stay connected to you online while you also use social media for your business. (However, if you only ever post about what you're selling and not about the other parts of your life, I may feel disappointed, because social media is by definition social, not just media).

I realize that you are appealing to the masses and post frequently so I won't be bothered when I see multiple notifications from you in one day. I won't read EVERY post because I'm mindful of how I spend my time, but I won't get annoyed or feel pressured by your notifications, because I'm also mindful of how I spend my emotions. 

I know your intentions are not aimed solely at me but at a broad audience, and how else will you know if I am interested unless you ask?  When I choose not to participate, it's not a rejection of you personally. I'm sure you understand this because you are a strong and secure person who separates your personal identity from your business.

So as your friend, I will see your notifications and say a prayer for you, because I bet part of your day, like mine, could use an extra blessing.

And occasionally I'll give you a thumb's up or a smiley to let you know--"Hey friend, I see you! Good job! Keep up the good work! Don't be discouraged today!"

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