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Style Saturday: DIY No-Sew Summer Crops

One of my favorite ways to get creative, save money, and make a new style is by revamping something already in my closet. I kept seeing gaucho pants displayed this season, and I thought what a great way to give new life to my former favorite pair of pants--I chopped them off to make gauchos! These pants are made of stretchy knit--that means I didn't even have to hem them. Two even cuts, and done! Now I would not normally do something so irreversible to an article of clothing that I knew I would happily wear again in it's intended season, but my former favorite pair of pants became impracticable in my new home. The streets of Italy in the winter and spring are slushy, and as you can see in the before pic, these pants hit right at the ground even while I wear boots. Most days, I'd wear leggings tucked into boots for functionality. These fave pair of pants sat in my closet all season--such a shame since they were a key piece of my wardrobe from the previous year . I knew

In Flight Movie Reviews: Annie, Cinderella, 12 Years a Slave

--> Living abroad for the last 10 months, I was looking forward to catching a few US films that I had missed, and our flight to America provided me with a personal screen and 11 hours of opportunity.    I was drawn to family films, but thought perhaps I should seize the chance to watch things that the rest of my family would choose to avoid. I played a few minutes of a few different movies, but quickly ended each because I am unapologetically fed up with bad movies. Seriously, I do not want to give any more of my time to: less than heroic heroes, crudeness as a substitute for cleverness, visual one-ups versus true beauty, and other things that don’t fit the bill of “excellent, admirable, true, praiseworthy…”etc. So after initially avoiding the kid/family section, I revisited it and chose these 3 movies for my flight: The new remake of Annie Disney’s live action Cinderella 12 Years a Slave I ended up loving ALL THREE so much that I chose not to watch