Style Saturday: DIY No-Sew Summer Crops

One of my favorite ways to get creative, save money, and make a new style is by revamping something already in my closet.

I kept seeing gaucho pants displayed this season, and I thought what a great way to give new life to my former favorite pair of pants--I chopped them off to make gauchos! These pants are made of stretchy knit--that means I didn't even have to hem them. Two even cuts, and done!

Now I would not normally do something so irreversible to an article of clothing that I knew I would happily wear again in it's intended season, but my former favorite pair of pants became impracticable in my new home. The streets of Italy in the winter and spring are slushy, and as you can see in the before pic, these pants hit right at the ground even while I wear boots. Most days, I'd wear leggings tucked into boots for functionality. These fave pair of pants sat in my closet all season--such a shame since they were a key piece of my wardrobe from the previous year. I knew that if I kept them until the proper place and season aligned, they would most likely be past their style prime. By cropping them into gauchos, I can enjoy my most comfy pants and stay cool in warm temps!

My second summer chop job was this nautical striped dress. I bought it on clearance this year for 9 bucks, and after one wash, the sleeves shrunk around the shoulders making it restrictive and uncomfortable. (Tis the lament of buying cheap clothes).

But I would not relinquish this dress to a waste!

I love sleeveless dresses in the summer, so I thought I would perform a little amputation to see if it was still wearable. To my delight, once I carefully cut off the sleeves, the hem had a nice zigzag finish that fell flat. It coordinated with the pre-existing white finish of the collar. I didn't have to sew a stitch, and it's more comfortable and cool than before!

Anything hanging in your closet that could be refreshed with a little chop?

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