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Vowel Word Glue Poster Freebie

I searched Pinterest for an insert for my daughter's notebook, but couldn't find one with all the vowels on the same page. Most were posters for classrooms with a different vowel on each glue bottle. I didn't want something so spacious, so I created this 8X11 poster/notebook insert with clip art and free borders from Teachers Pay Teachers.
I used handwriting font and displayed upper and lower cases of each vowel for easy and accurate copying. Thought I'd share it with you! Download for free at Scribd:
Vowel Glue/Word Glue Poster

Style Saturday: T + Bling!

 Don't forget your sparkle. (Yep, you can also read that as a metaphor).

August in Texas. Y'all, it's hot! No one wants to dress up.

We are staying cool and comfy in our t-shirts, but that doesn't mean we have to be lazy about it. How do you show respect for your day and still sport your t-shirt? Put on your best lipstick and add bling!

Sparkles dress up a t-shirt, but I'm not saying that I get out my bedazzler-- instead, I incorporate them in my jewelry, nails, shoes, and even a hat.

I love incorporating crowns into my accessories because it reminds me of my eternal crown. Jesus wore a crown of thorns so I could wear a crown of gold!