Doors of Italy

One of my hobbies in Italy is to admire and photograph the beautiful doors. 
Whether intended as such or not, they are all works of art to me!

Everything about this picture is classic Italia.

Some doors have larger-than-life works of art!

Some have hidden doors within doors. (Can you spot it?)

See what I mean?

Graffiti is a common thing. A blending of two worlds, old and new.

How is one quaint and regal at the same time?! Adorable!

They have fantastically large and ornate door knockers.

Some doors look Medieval. Because they are.

Some doors remind me of home.

Some are off the beaten path and look hobbit-sized.

Some are even more beautiful looking out.

And they are beautiful everywhere in Italy. This is in the northern Alps.




Pisa. Yes it is the most commercial city in Italy, but even Pisa still has beautiful architecture.


But my absolute favorite door view, is the one looking through my kitchen, at the group of girls in spontaneous and genuine prayer!

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