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Fall Capsule Wardrobe

This season I started my wardrobe with these 6 things that I absolutely love. I decided to build my Fall wardrobe around these 6 articles. They're comfortable, different, and in my favorite color shades for this time of year. All 6 look great with brown boots and booties--my preferred shoe wear for Autumn. I limit myself to one pair of jeans because I love variety and it helps me avoid a rut. As usual, my fashion disclaimer: I don't idolize clothes, nor do I idolize what people think of me wearing them, but I do enjoy fashion as an outlet of artistic expression. I like playing around with colors and fabrics. I enjoy finding a bargain, and even more so reinventing old items. I have found that limiting my clothing actually makes it easier to get dressed. It's also more enjoyable for me because it allows freedom in other areas--more time in the mornings, creativity, and peace of mind.  Excess = stress. I spent no money this Autumn on new tops. When December com

Back to the Future Day

It's finally here! The day of imaginary future since 1985! And so I thought I'd reflect on how I imagined 2015 for myself along the way: 1985 (age 6): In 2015, I would be a ballerina. Soft pink leotard, satin ribbon shoes. Goal: to do something that I love. 1995 (age 16): In 2015, I would be living in NYC, Manhattan specifically. A wall of my townhome would display the progression of dinner-theater productions that led to my first Broadway chorus role. In the center of the mantle sits another picture--evening gown, red carpet, pedestaled medallion, next to the Tony itself. Either that or I'd be a middle school choir director in the suburbs. It was a coin toss really. Goal: to do something that I love and do it well enough to get paid for it. 2005 (age 26): In 2015, Karl and I would be living in Texas, ministering to college students. 3 of our 4 kids would be thriving in public schools while I organized PTA events and preschooled our littlest, giving me pl

Style Saturday--Bella Verita

My friend Isabella not only has great style, she is also beautiful inside and out! I wanted to feature her in Style Saturday, and since her name means beauty, I thought I'd have her share what she thinks of true beauty. She dined with our family at our favorite trattoria, and while we ate homemade pasta, we chatted about beauty, truth, and love. Sounds so Bohemian. I made some notes on my placemat. Isabella eloquently and confidently poised these thoughts: True beauty can't be about your face; it has to be something that can last.   She said she thinks beauty is rooted in spirituality--that a person's soul, mind, and attitude makes them beautiful.  I love her thoughts! I also love how she wears a bunch of grapes around her neck. It makes me think of the fruits of the Spirit, which she possesses. Isabella has confident ease in her loose leg pants and scrunchy long-sleeved sweater. She mixes blue and black and makes it work with her converse! Isa