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Fall Capsule Wardrobe

This season I started my wardrobe with these 6 things that I absolutely love.
I decided to build my Fall wardrobe around these 6 articles. They're comfortable, different, and in my favorite color shades for this time of year. All 6 look great with brown boots and booties--my preferred shoe wear for Autumn. I limit myself to one pair of jeans because I love variety and it helps me avoid a rut.

As usual, my fashion disclaimer: I don't idolize clothes, nor do I idolize what people think of me wearing them, but I do enjoy fashion as an outlet of artistic expression. I like playing around with colors and fabrics. I enjoy finding a bargain, and even more so reinventing old items. I have found that limiting my clothing actually makes it easier to get dressed. It's also more enjoyable for me because it allows freedom in other areas--more time in the mornings, creativity, and peace of mind. 
Excess = stress.
I spent no money this Autumn on new tops. When December comes, I will pack these away, which will keep these guys looking good and will keep me from tiring of them.
Next I chose 9 neutral shirts that could be worn as underneath layers, or could stand alone. One non-negotiable in a wardrobe is what I call my "Saturday shirt" = something that is comfortable, cozy, no fuss--something that I can lounge around in all day in pure contentment. For Fall, my Saturday shirt is obviously my loveworn alma mater baseball T! :)

This denim jacket at bottom right was my mom's in the 70's = I love it! The top right was a hand-me-down from a friend, and the bottom right is from a vintage charity sale. If you want a wardrobe overhaul but are on a budget, try swapping with family and friends!

With the varying temperatures of Fall, I need options for outerwear. What's super great about this wardrobe is that my friend Melissa let me peruse through the clothing that she was purging--the red pants (one of the main 6 items) being one of them! A few of her other articles--such as this brown blazer, sage green sweater, and a couple of scarves-- perfectly complimented the rest of my outfits. The only thing on my list to buy this autumn was knee-high brown boots, and I inherited those from her as well! God provides!
I rotate my scarves based on season. I like to have a variety of textures, patterns, and weights. This Autumn I've found my favorite accessories are my shades of lipgloss and my new Younique mascara. I spend less time on my makeup because these things have a high impact.
Some people want to know--Are these the only clothes I wear all season? Yes, mostly. I have a black hoodie that I wear around the house while I'm doing chores or cooking. I also don't include "underwear" in the collages. Staples like a black and neutral cami and leggings stay in my closet year round for layering.

These items stay in rotation all year round.
I have worn only these 21 pieces for each day of October, and I am not tired of them! Because I love them all, find them comfortable to wear, and because I chose varying degrees of nice/casual items, I have plenty of variety for every occasion. I have not worn every combination and am looking forward to remixing them in November!

In December I put away the browns and bring out black, red, and sparkle for the holidays! A few of these items will remain in my closet while I exchange others for articles on my upper closet shelf. I guarantee I will have forgotten about some of the things in that sack--it'll be like shopping my own closet and it will cost nothing! Remixing my wardrobe this way each season helps me keep my focus on the main things--with my wallet, with my time, with my mental energy, and it comes with the added bonus that I really ENJOY it!

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