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Arsenal of Praise, Songs that fuel joy and thanksgiving

My arsenal of praise. I started this project in August. I had been listening to the same praise songs for the last several years. I needed refreshment. "Sing to the Lord a new song!" Psalm 96:1 I polled friends, asking their favorite worship music. I gave one criteria: These songs must not reflect thankfulness of circumstances, but thankfulness of the UNCHANGING qualities of God. I should have made one other criteria... I probably should have said, "And I'm looking for things that don't sound like Christian music, because apparently I don't really like Christian music." I blame my high school choir teacher. She taught us to appreciate every genre of music. She had us dissect Hebrew texts, African tribal dances, Italian arias, and Underground Railroad spirituals. We learned them all in their contexts, and then performed them with gusto. Her enthusiasm was contagious. And as a result, I am rarely ever satisfied with general pop music. Thankfully,