Why Am I Here?

Journal entry from Sunday, November 15, 2015--after many weeks of being weary from sickness,  lonely for home, discouraged at not being able to accomplish basic things, and feeling pressures from the lack of my accomplishments.

So I allowed the presence of Christ to refresh my spirit. You may recognize song lyrics and scriptures He brought to mind, which allowed me to dismiss the pressures and recenter myself in His purposes.

I am here...

to enter His gates with Thanksgiving in my heart,
to enter His courts with praise
to say "This is the day that the Lord has made! I will rejoice, for He has made me glad!"
to know God and to make Him known,
to remember who I am as a child of God,
to love my husband and bring him good all the days of his life,
to love my children and train them in the ways they should go,
to have God's commands on my heart,
to have God's promises on my heart,
to talk about them when I lie down and rise up and walk about the way and sit in my house,
not to please people,
not to learn for the sake of learning,
not to collect human trophies,
not to boast of gifts, power, nor wisdom,
to boast in Jesus Christ, His death and resurrection,
to seek first His Kingdom,
to seek first His righteousness,
to approach all things with prayer and petition,
to love the Lord God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength,
to love my neighbor as myself.

I found it to be good for daily meditation, so I tore it out and taped it above my desk.

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