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Yellow Flowers

I think it's God's kindness to us that the first Spring flowers are yellow--daffodils, tulips, and this amazing beauty covered in blooms. No leaves yet, but splashes of brilliant yellow that sing "The sun'll come out tomorrow!"

Homeschool: I don't do it alone

When people ask me how I manage to teach all the subjects for homeschool, I frequently tell them that I don't do it all myself. Sure, I oversee it all, but this is a family endeavor. For instance, Karl  introduces new math topics, while I provide them resources to carry out what they're learning. And our community, Classical Conversations, provides framework for topics that I have never been good at, like history and geography. (And as a result I've learned so much!) We do art and science projects in groups with friends. The motto put before me is "be the lead learner," which is way less overwhelming than "be an expert in everything."