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Doing my list of 10 gratitudes, and I realized I used an exclamation for each one. They all deserve such excitement. Most of them are not new realizations, but today I'm filled with fresh appreciation and marvel at such gifts! 10 Things for which I'm Thankful from Psalm 34, verses 1-7 God has give us the gift of language! How great to be able to communicate complex thoughts! I am made to speak! God calls me to speak to HIM! God calls me to speak about Him! God RESPONDS to my words! He has freed me! He has saved me! He surrounds me! (This is ongoing!) He defends me! (This is ongoing!) He has replaced my dark shadow with radiance, my shame with joy!

My Song of Psalm 32

A few days a week, I'll number 1-10 in my journal, read a Psalm, and record 10 things found in the text for which I'm thankful. Today's was especially encouraging to me, so I wanted to share here. (FYI, I write this list TO God; He's the recipient, hence the uppercase usage of the second person). 1. I have the joy of forgiveness! 2. My nature was sinful and disobedient, but now because of Jesus, that is put out of sight. That's not what You see when You look at me! 3. My record has been cleared through Christ! 4. Only You know the true extent of that record, and now I can live in honest acceptance with You, God! 5. You call me to confession for my own benefit--my spiritual, physical, and emotional benefit. I feel the weight removed and the peace that comes from being in a right relationship with You. 6. You are patient and give people time to come to You. 7. You don't desire anyone to perish. 8. While the turmoil of this world surrounds me, sometimes e