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4 Spiritual Laws

Almost 60 years ago, a man named Bill Bright surveyed students at a prestigious university in California. As he reviewed the answers to the surveys, he learned that many many people wanted to know God but they didn't know how, and this broke his heart SO MUCH that he wept in his office, even in front of his staff. Because those students were intelligent, and keenly aware of the laws of science, he set to write a concise explanation of the laws of spirituality so that those who DID want to know could easily learn. Through his endeavor, literally millions have realized their desire to know God personally! This video has brought to life his words, and is beautifully reminiscent of the timbre of his own gentle voice. Whether you know God already, or want to know Him, may these humble words bless you today.

Six Satisifying Salads (Without Lettuce!)

When the weather gets warmer, I'm content to eat raw whole foods, but I tire of lettuce based salads and they rarely keep me full until the next meal. Here are 6 alternatives that I've made with fresh Italian cheeses and produce! If you have allergies to nuts or dairy or [gasp] don't eat bacon, my sympathies. Hunks of pears, cubes of pecorino cheese, and walnuts. I drizzled just a touch of olive oil and cider vinegar on the top, or sometimes Italians serve this combo as a dessert with drizzled honey. (If you can't get your hands on pecorino, substitute real Parmigiano cheese. The reddest of tomatoes, real mozzerella cheese, and fresh basil leaves. Top with either extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar or just plain ol' salt and pepper. Spinach leaves, 2 pieces leftover breakfast bacon, pecans, and fresh strawberries. Toss with a tsp of olive oil. Fresh peaches, ricotta cheese, pine nuts, and a dash of cinnamon. Chopped fresh apple w

3 Steps to Writing to God

Writing is cathartic, and when things in life are confusing, challenging, or painful, God promises to be our refuge. In ancient days, people would write about such things in psalms to God. I googled "writing your own psalm" to see if there was already a post in existence, and while I found many, they were mostly focused on poetic expression, song-making, and required a lot of study, reading, and prep. "Oh my people, pour out your heart to me at all times. For God is our refuge." Psalm 62:8 The point is not to craft a masterpiece, but to pour out our hearts to God. He INVITES us to come as we are, honestly, and talk to Him. This can be intimidating or awkward if you have never done it because of the obvious reason--we can't SEE God with our eyes. This is why writing a letter--a way we communicate with a person who's not in our physical presence--can remove the awkwardness and allow our honest thoughts to flow. In 3 steps, I will guide you through