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"Charlotte's Web and Other Gospel Stories", Guest Post by Samantha Holland

These are some of the richest moments of parenthood. A big thank-you to my friend and colleague Samantha, who articulated her precious moments so well and gave me permission to share them with you all here. May it encourage you as it has me. One morning, I put down Jesus Calling for Kids with a sigh. My kids look bored and it’s not worth the eye rolls. “Why does it say pretty much the same thing over and over?” the eldest asks. They haven’t been into Bible stories lately, either. We’ve read them all. "Let’s read Charlotte's Web today, instead” I suggest. They eagerly agree. A few chapters in, I recognize the Gospel in Charlotte's web. One creature doomed from birth to die, another acting as savior, coming down from above--from a spiderweb, to be exact. I pause, closing the book and using my finger as a bookmark. "How does this story remind you of the Bible?" I ask the kids.  Silence.  "OK," I venture, "how is Charlotte's W