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Tired of the Political Arguments on Social Media? 8 Ways I'm Staying Engaged While Filtering the Noise

I’m an advocate for using social media to mobilize the world. I encourage people to use their voices because they CAN make a positive difference!   But… like every progressive technology, there are losses that come with benefits. Instant information at our fingertips makes us become intolerant of things that take time. We now have a world who shares an article before reading it, who tweets a quote without investigating the context, who gathers information from memes, Wikipedia, and spliced YouTube videos, and who believes any version of history that supports their already framed opinions.  To make matters worse, we have a generation of church goers who say they represent the Bible while not having read it, and studies show that only 9% of those claiming to be Christians hold a viewpoint that is in line with what the Bible actually says. Put that together with instant public forums, and we get a cacophony of opinion-generated memes that exalt and entice public opinions

A Fall Rose

A unexpected final bloom. How marvelous is a rose?! Even a short smell activates the happy sensors in the brain and increases the body's immunity! Is it just me, or does it require more faith to believe that this beautiful, fragrant, therapeutic gift of nature happens by chance than to believe it is intended here by a loving Creator who cares for my wants and needs? God, just like the rose, is available to meet my needs, all that's required of me is to pause and allow it. "Let the peace of Christ rule your hearts..." Col. 3