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Post Election Thoughts

I’ve had many thoughts and responses to this election season, but here are the ones that have steadily remained from start to finish:
       1.  Racism still exists and still inflicts new wounds daily.

2. I’m thankful for the progress of racial equality in America, I’m hopeful that it will continue, and I believe that our country is a place where this is possible.
 3. There are long-term effects of racism; it would serve us all better if we acknowledged this rather than dismiss it.
4. Not all republicans are racists and not all democrats are baby murderers. People need to stop reinforcing these ridiculously false narratives.
5. Just because something doesn’t affect you personally, doesn’t mean it isn’t real or true for someone else.
6.  Having empathy for someone else’s emotions—listening, validating, seeing it from their perspective—is an act of kindness and love.
7. Feelings are a real and good part of our humanity, but many times they are the result of believing something false. Feelings don’t determine what’s true.
8. Truth can be pursued, but it takes effort and time.
9. Thinking you know someone’s motivations without actually asking them is a foolish assumption.
10. Assumptions cause turmoil, stress, division, and unfortunately, are present in nearly every online article.
11. Just because someone doesn’t speak out against injustices online doesn’t mean that they don’t do it in other facets of their life. Perhaps they are too busy doing just that to have time to tweet.
12.  Destruction and evil get attention. Goodness and humility don’t. But I believe that there’s actually more of the latter.

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