Rogue One Review written by a Casual Star Wars Viewer

My family loves Star Wars movies, and I've liked them, although not with nearly as much fervor as anything starring Lauren Graham. I've seen some of the films more than once, but I can't tell you the trivia. Princess Leia, Chewy and the Ewoks were part of my childhood, so there's affection there, but in general, the genres of sci-fi or fantasy are not my preferences. I REALLY enjoyed The Force Awakens, but hubby had to remind me of its title--"What was the Star Wars before this one? The one we saw last Christmas?" I realize that this probably causes disdain in avid Star Wars fans, however, I represent a large portion of ticket buyers, and while there is a sea of Star Wars commentaries written by the fervent and faithful, I decided to represent the casual Star Wars viewer by sharing what I liked about the film Rogue One.

Basically, I'll be content with a Star Wars experience if it contains these 7 elements, and Rogue One delivers!

1. A Dynamic Droid

Don't we love it when a robot is exceptional with personality?!

2. A Girl with Grit and Gumption

Yeah that's right, the heroine isn't just a pretty face. This gal will stand up for herself, for what's right, and she won't be sweet-talked.

3. A Profound Prophet

"There's more than one prison. I think you carry yours wherever you go." I mean, wow!

4. Unusual Uglies

Not attractive, yet I can't look away.

5. Spacey Skies

The idea of multiple planets on the horizon = surreal in a way that brings imagination to life. And it's beautiful too!

6. The Force in the Fight

An inescapable yet invisible force of goodness and justice that is accessible for help in battle?! Um yes! My heart will swell with this visual parallel of my Lord Jesus!

7. James Earl Jones

Pretty much impossible to be satisfied until Darth Vader has spoken (and breathed heavily). 
So thanks, Rogue One, for having all the necessary elements for the casual Star Wars viewer, like me! You helped me enjoy a family movie experience!

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