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Oh Syria, Syria, what can we do for you?

Syria, It's been months since we started praying for you, And at first it was just cries to the Lord, "Help!" We've seen the pictures, the videos, the death, and we are DEVASTATED for you! Yet we are far away--not just physically, but in our daily realities. What do I do?--Have a heart-anguishing moment and then scroll on to the next animal video? No. Not satisfactory. But I feel small and powerless to make any real difference, and my responsibilities are many, so for months I sat conflicted... Last year on a train in Europe, I met an American man named Kevin who had dropped everything, bought a one-way ticket, and came to help rescue refugees who were fleeing by boat. He couch surfed (or cot-surfed, or train surfed) as needed. He was a tall and sturdy man--he didn't fear the dangers, and he had no family or "successful" career that kept him from coming, so he came. I admired how he jumped to rescue others. It's easy to rationalize sitt