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Finding God's Greatness in the Mundane

I'm rereading my way through 2 Kings, and this verse stood out to me in a new way today,  "If the prophet had told you to do some great thing, would you not have done it? How much more, then, when he tells you, 'Wash and be cleansed'!"  And I thought: I am so like Namaan--I jump to do great things, but will frequently dismiss the small acts of obedience as less than great.  If God has placed it before me to do, isn't it just as great?!  And sometimes that actually does involve washing and cleansing--not leprous skin, but my house and my kids. When I do that joyfully for the Lord, then those things ARE GREAT things!  And sometimes when "all I can do is pray" = also great! God is good to put great things before us!

Our long, learn-as-we've-gone health journey

3 things you must know about me before reading: 1. I'm writing this because the topics of health, wellness, food allergies, and the like come up frequently in personal conversations (because it's been a constant aspect/struggle/learning process of our lives the last 10 years), and I've been wanting to get that info in one place so I can refer friends back to it. This is an effort to both share what we've learned as well as an aid to me in regards of spending less time online during the course of a normal week. 2. My degree is in English, with graduate studies in scripture, so I have no documented credentials for what I'm about to share other than our own personal experiences. However, when you combine exploration, experiments, personal drive to solve problems, intelligence (gifted to us all by our Creator) and wisdom (provided by the Holy Spirit), one can learn anything well and extensively. That's in fact how the first experts were made. 3. Don't labe