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Our Reset Diet

After weeks of traveling and being sick, we need to reset. I'm sure there are concoctions of vinegar and cayenne pepper that people recommend drinking as a cleanse, but yeah...we're just not gonna do that. Instead, we're going to eat healthy foods and allow our bodies to heal naturally. I don't have a name for this diet. I'm not joining a program or buying a cookbook, but instead I'm using my own smart brain that I have filled with knowledge of nutrition plus our trial and error experiences with food. So here's the approved food. We're doing this for the next 4 weeks and will re-evaluate: Organic fruits and veggies purchased raw and in season (i.e. no strawberries in January) Meat--only that which is purchased raw with a bone still attached and then cooked in my home Broth--reserved from cooking the veggies and meats already listed Homemade bread using a variety of whole grains excluding wheat Homemade tortillas using corn masa Long-grain bro

The Consequences of Travel Food

Every time we travel it's the same story-- no place to prep and prepare our own groceries, no time to prep and prepare fresh options, so we grab fast things. We rely on restaurants, packages, and "convenience." But it's not convenient. The consequences come faster each time, and they are never convenient. They manifest like this: *migraines for hubby and youngest daughter *anxiety for oldest daughter *muscle pain and stiffness for 3 of 5 of us *digestive issues, all 5 *lower immune system and catching a cold (this year 3 of 5) *sluggishness, fogginess--4 of 5 *skin irritations like eczema and acne, 3 of 5 *lethargy and irritability, all 5 We combat with supplements--vitamins, probiotics, digestive enzymes. We up our defenses with essential oils and drinking lots of water. Those things help us from completely tanking for a short while, but if the travel is drawn out, they don't sustain us. Nothing compares to healthy food and exercise (which