The Consequences of Travel Food

Every time we travel it's the same story--

no place to prep and prepare our own groceries,
no time to prep and prepare fresh options,

so we grab fast things.
We rely on restaurants, packages, and "convenience."

But it's not convenient. The consequences come faster each time, and they are never convenient.

They manifest like this:

*migraines for hubby and youngest daughter
*anxiety for oldest daughter
*muscle pain and stiffness for 3 of 5 of us
*digestive issues, all 5
*lower immune system and catching a cold (this year 3 of 5)
*sluggishness, fogginess--4 of 5
*skin irritations like eczema and acne, 3 of 5
*lethargy and irritability, all 5

We combat with supplements--vitamins, probiotics, digestive enzymes. We up our defenses with essential oils and drinking lots of water. Those things help us from completely tanking for a short while, but if the travel is drawn out, they don't sustain us.

Nothing compares to healthy food and exercise (which also falls by the wayside for us while traveling).

Perhaps this isn't the case for you, but it is for us. I think it's because we changed our diet several years ago and our bodies are accustomed to functioning without the toxins. We lived in Europe where many of the ingredients found in USA food production are illegal, and so our bodies "detoxed" so to speak. Now when we consume processed foods on a regular basis, our bodies protest. I've heard people respond to our situation by saying, "Wow, that's why I don't abstain from ____ (gluten, dairy, etc.) because I've heard once you do, you can't go back." And while that is true for us, I'm thankful, and I see God's hand of protection in showing us clearly how to make better food choices.

To read more about which foods specifically have caused us problems after re-entering the US, see this post:Ingredients We Avoid

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