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How to Stay Friends on Facebook (even in the midst of controversy)

                 Want to stay connected and share moments with Facebook friends but not get overwhelmed or frustrated by controversy?  Facebook is the space where our connections are based on friendships, whereas other platforms can be more relationally removed and driven by subject—you follow accounts that feature your interests or inspirations, whether food, travel, world issues, self-improvement, etc. The average person on facebook (the exceptions being celebrities and business owners) interacts with a wide variety of people from real life—former classmates, extended family, co-workers, people in your community, people from your former community. These dynamics create a unique online experience, which is what keeps people coming back for more, but also what can turn people off. Some things to keep in mind in this unique Facebook setting regarding controversial conversations:  1. These online conversations do matter, and they actually can persuade people’s opinions. R