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40 Graces in Marriage

We had only been married a few months when another couple close in heart and only a few years ahead of us got divorced. They were headed for ministry together. We had looked up to them. And it BLEW.OUR.MINDS. Things were sour behind closed doors? It woke us up to the reality that this amazing marriage we found ourselves in at the ages of 20 and 21 might not always be easy or blissful. The first thing we did was pray. For real. We prayed for our marriage aloud together every night. The wake-up call that was first sparked by grief and fear became a grounding force of reverent reality that if our union was gonna last, it would only do so by the grace of our Heavenly Father. So we prayed, and we continued in that pattern for the next 5 years. Every night. A mentor heard us mention this in conversation and asked us what we prayed for. We told him,  "That we would be drawn closer to each other as we draw close to Christ. That He would be the center of our marriage." This y