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Praying Promises of God for My Children

  When my kids were babies, a mentor from church gathered a group of us young moms in her home. She served us homemade tomato soup and warm buttered bread. As we situated ourselves after dinner on her plush living room rug, she expressly told us the reason for the night:  to impart to us how to pray for our children. One of her practices was to purchase a Bible to gift to each kid on a milestone birthday and to read through that Bible, circling the promises of God and claiming those promises for her child by writing prayers in the margins. I was inspired by her challenge and presented my firstborn a promise-circled Bible with my hand-written prayers a couple of years ago. As my second daughter nears her 13th birthday, I have almost completed her most special gift.  Today as I was writing in the margins, I was struck by the tablecloth underneath -- hand-embroidered by my grandma when she was in her last weeks of pregnancy with my mom.  The impact of generations of prayers over my life i